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Written Testimonials San Leandro Cindy W.

There are only two reasons why I post reviews, and that is either the place is excellent or really poor. Of course everyone has different experiences and opinions, I am not obligated to force anyone to believe in what I believe... however, I also feel like it is important to take other people's advice in some cases. Dr..Yi has been the most caring and professional doctor I've ever met. ever since I was young, I've hurt my tail bone due to snow sledding, I've been going to different doctors (which I HATED!) For about 6 years I have seen many doctors, wasted my money (well my parents' money) and never got the problem fixed! It was been few months that I started going to Dr. Y, my friends recommended me to him. I didn't want to go at first because I've went to so many places before and I doubted that my pains could be fixed; but what can I do...I had to try something~. so i went at last and at first it was the same. I didn't think that the result would come so soon......but now it was been few months since I've been seeing Dr. Yi and finally because my pains are really going away I decided to write a review. No other doctors that I've been to before has made my back and tail bone painless. I would like to thanks Dr. Yi ... "Thank you!, thank you for being always careful, and caring and being patience with me, I know I've not been the most easy going patient but you didn't give up. Thank you! '

Success Stories San Leandro Kevin T.

I was going to Dr Yi for a few months since I had some lower back pain. I had never been to a chiropractor before so a little hesitant. He analyzed my back and showed me that I had some curvature. I didn't even know that!! So he worked on me for a while with various apparatus and now my pain is gone! During the process he told me about all my options and showed real concern over my problem. A+++ thanks. .

What People Say About Sunshine Chiropractic Clinic | San Leandro Chiropractors Phillip R.

I'm a pretty active guy and nothing makes me happier than playing sports. So when I hurt my back at work I was concerned that I'd no longer be able to play. But thankfully I went to see Dr. Yi. He took real good care of me and now I'm back out on the basketball courts doing what I love. Thanks Dr. Yi.

Success Stories San Leandro Loc M.

Dr. Chris Yi is wonderful. I have been help by him tremendously over the years. I went to him for back pain after I hurt it playing basketball. He put me through a program and when I finished I was as good as new. I highly recommend him his adjustments are very smooth and soothing. I also noticed that his office is very high tech and the atmosphere is nice. I highly recommend him for anyone's healthcare needs.

Success Stories San Leandro Oceana L.

Since I gave a birth, I have been suffering for the lower back and hip pain. of course the shoulder pain too. imagine that holding a baby more than 16 hours a day T_T however, this guy, Dr. Chris Yi helped me not only the pain, I am getting much less irritated and depressed. definitely recommend this Dr~

Success Stories San Leandro Harold

Hi, I'm Harold. I've known Dr. Yi for over past 10years. I'm currently working for Law Firm, specializing PI.(Personal Injury) I've referred many of my clients to him due to the injury. They all seemed to be very satisfied with his personal care and treatment. I'm looking forward to working with him and strongly recommend Dr. Yi to everyone who is injured.